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How Gold is Made
How Gold is Made
How we reminded Britain of Samsung’s solid gold status.
London 2012 - a time of feverish excitement and goodwill across the nation, and the perfect occasion for us to show the UK that Samsung was much, much more than just a technology brand.
So we sent Samsung on a road trip.
As part of Samsung’s ‘Take Part’ campaign, we created the Big Cheer experience in-house – a touring bus that captured the magic of the Torch Relay by visiting 1,000 towns and pit stops across the nation. Packed full of Samsung tech, this bright blue bus took the time to photograph a panoramic image of each day’s Olympic Torch celebrations – and uploaded them to social media for everyone present to tag themselves in.
Partnered with an Olympic digital hub that saw a 400% increase in web traffic to Samsung.com, this once-in-a-lifetime experience:
  • earned £200M worth of PR coverage,
  • increased brand preference by 22.9% (and held it there),
  • and did its bit for the simultaneous release of the Galaxy S3 (the most successful UK phone launch ever)
Proof that it’s the taking part that counts.
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