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Harrods: Experience Innovation
Harrods: Experience Innovation
How we orchestrated Brompton Road’s first ever tech-takeover
As the world’s most prestigious department store, Harrods doesn’t just suggest luxury - it defines it. Occupying retail space in the store is intimidating enough, but taking the whole store over? That requires equally formidable credentials.
Together with Harrods, we showed London how to experience innovation with Samsung, with an immersive showcase running through the store’s Brompton Road window displays and Egyptian Escalator network for three weeks.
This unique experience toured visitors through 25 years of the brand’s innovations before letting them discover today’s cutting edge technology – from SUHD TVs to the new Galaxy S6 edge. Befitting the environment, a Platinum Gold S6 edge was made available exclusively in-store.
Offering Harrods customers the chance to snap up one of 500 of these specially made phones, the Experience Innovation Takeover saw:
  • 1,060,469 visitors, resulting in
  • over 7,000 in-depth brand experiences and
  • 66% of the Platinum Gold Galaxy S6 edge limited edition bundles selling out in just three weeks
That’s innovation.
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