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James Corden & Wilf Meltson
James Corden & Wilf Meltson
Samsung challenged us to reinvent the phone launch - by releasing two flagship handsets at once.
This meant we had to appeal to two very different audiences in one voice.
So we gave Britons a choice. Where Android tech fans had the market-leading S6 to enjoy, the style conscious could drool over the curved S6 Edge – shifting the conversation from 'Apple or Samsung' to ‘S6 or Edge’.
With the launch set to be Samsung's biggest, Britain’s biggest and funniest export – James Corden – was a natural fit.
James played himself and an alter ego “Wilf Meltson”, a style-obsessed director in love with a well-groomed beard, artisanal coffee, and the unique aesthetics of the Edge.
The two argued their case for each phone – with a few cheeky nods towards Apple’s fanboys thrown in along the way.
Guatemalan Coffee anyone?
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