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NX Rover
NX Rover
We didn’t have an award-winning photographer.
So we built our own.
How do you show people that 4G isn’t just a icon sat next to their phone’s signal bar, but a powerful platform for instantly shareable art?
We created Rover, the world’s first globetrotting robot shutterbug. Then we handed over control of Rover and its pro-standard Galaxy NX camera - from flash to focus - to the world at large.
Bustling festivals on the streets of Rome. Catwalks on the banks of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. A congregation of London’s most colourful costumed superheroes. The locations of a lifetime, captured during home time, and sent out to a global audience of 1.62M fellow snappers.
Earning the attention of Sky News and the Gadget Man, Rover’s point and click adventure:
  • reached more than 23M people,
  • shared over 11,000 (impeccably framed) photographs
  • and brought about an immediate uplift in Galaxy NX sales.
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