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We are David Bailey
We are David Bailey
David Bailey? Britain’s most famous photographer.
Imagine if there were 143 of him.
Believe it or not, there’s actually quite a few David Baileys in Britain. And with the right camera, any of them can shoot photos like a pro.
We scoured the UK for as many namesakes to Britain’s raconteur photographer as possible – milk cartons, banners, print ads and more were used to reach out to unwitting future photojournalists. Once sourced, we set each one of them loose with a NX1000 camera and one brief: snap something fantastic.
Their collective gallery of stunning photography went on to appear in print, outdoor and digital advertising, with the newly minted pro-Baileys sharing their expertise in a series of 20 second masterclasses on Youtube.
With over 11M Facebook impressions, 7M Twitter impressions and 1M YouTube views, ‘We Are David Bailey’:
  • moved Samsung’s market share from 2.8% to 55%,
  • resulting in the NX1000 selling out in just 11 weeks,
  • and an increase in the market’s overall size by 50%
All that in a name.
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