Our Work

Women across the country were not being listened to.
Here’s how we ensured their voices were heard.
Cheil London launched #WEcount in March 2016 on behalf of The Women’s Equality Party. Beginning with a short film featuring the inspirational story of a rape survivor, Pavan Amara, we issued a rallying cry to women across the country to write the postcode of a place where they had experienced sexual assault on their hand and share it via social media with the hashtag #WEcount. This simple, physical act created a platform where shared experiences could be discussed openly. We then built a custom Google map and invited women to anonymously mark the locations of their sexual assault anywhere in the country. Once dropped, the pin changed into an exclamation mark and revealed the pins of others in the surrounding area. The final stage was to reclaim the streets for real; first through a call-to-action billboard located at London’s busiest shopping centre. Then, via a series of real-world markers that, when scanned on a mobile device, turned sites of sexual violence into an augmented reality resource where users could explore survivors’ stories and ‘reclaim the streets’ via geo-targeted tweets.
Since #WEcount launched, women from all over the UK (and beyond) have made their mark on the #WEcount interactive map – with as many as 130 pins being placed a day and over 900,000 visits since going live. Every pin is the beginning of another woman’s story – possibly one that hasn’t been heard before – and is helping to break down social taboos around sexual violence. The interactive exclamation point markers have become a symbol of solidarity, empowering even more women to speak out against their attackers and have their voice heard. On social media, the response was instant and powerful with #WEcount trending within hours of launch. Tackling the issue in this way caught the interest of major media outlets, with coverage from The Huffington Post to Forbes magazine.
The main objective of the campaign was to raise awareness of this serious issue and the WEP’s associated policies; not only with women, but also within the wider voting population. In total, we have reached over 3 million people so far and helped the Women’s Equality Party receive over 350,000 votes in their first London mayoral election.
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Tax Strategy
The policy
Cheil Europe Limited, a limited company registered in England and Wales, is wholly owned by Cheil Worldwide Inc.
This strategy applies to Cheil Europe Limited and its subsidiaries.
This strategy applies from the date of publication until it’s superseded.
Cheil Europe Ltd is committed to full compliance with all statutory obligations and full disclosure to tax authorities.
Governance in relation to UK taxation
• Ultimate responsibility for Cheil Europe Ltd.’s tax strategy and compliance rest with the board of Cheil Europe Ltd
• Day to day management of tax affairs is delegated to the CFO
Risk Management
Cheil seeks to reduce the level of tax risk arising from its operations as far as reasonably practical
Appropriate training is provide for staff responsible for tax compliance
We engage advisors and legal counsel to obtain opinions on tax legislation and principles.
Attitude towards tax planning and level of risk
We recognise our obligation to pay the amount of tax legally due in the territory in which the liability arises and comply with all legal requirements. At the same time, we have an obligation to maximise share owner value, which includes controlling our overall liability to taxation. However, we do not condone either personal or corporate tax evasion under any circumstances.
Cheil manages risks to ensure full compliance with the legal requirements in a manner which ensures payment of the right amount of tax.
Cheil seeks to take advantage of available tax incentives and exemptions and reliefs in line with tax legislation.
The board is ultimately responsible for identifying the risks, including tax risks, which need to be addressed and for determining what actions should be taken to manage those risks.
Relationship with HMRC
We maintain a transparent and constructive engagement with the tax authorities and relevant government representatives, as well as active engagement with a wide range of international companies and business organisations with similar issues.
We engage advisors and legal counsel to obtain opinions on tax legislation and principles. Where disputes arise with tax authorities, in areas of doubt or where legal interpretations differ, we aim to tackle the matter promptly and resolve it in a responsible manner.
Any inadvertent errors in submissions made to HMRC are fully disclosed as soon as reasonably practicable after they are identified.